My name is Aliko Sunawang, the creator of Pluginratz. I am technically a blogger. If you have ever accidentally stumbled on Better Tech Tips and WP Pagebuilders, these are blogs that I and my team currently manage. I have been blogging since I was still in college (2008-2012) and gone professional in about 2013.

Since the beginning, I have always been using WordPress as it is extremely customizable. Being a blogger without programming skills, I have always been relying on plugins to add custom features or functionalities to my blogs.

With over 10-year experience blogging with WordPress (and always rely on plugins), I can make a conclusion that premium/paid plugins fall into two main categories:

  • The ones developed by big companies (e.g., Elementor, Jetpack)
  • The ones developed by individuals/indie developers (e.g., Strive Content Calendar, Newsletter Glue)

While the first plugins group have abundant resource to market their products, the latter group have to struggle even to make their products getting known by the WordPress users. Based on this, I think it would be great to create a space where plugin developers can make their products get more exposure, while also make it easier for users to find a plugin they need.

The main function of Pluginratz is as a premium plugin directory, but it also accepts reviews and ratings so that aspiring users can easily get an insight over the quality of the plugins they plan to use. I strongly believe that this approach is better than showcasing testimonials from (so-called) influencers to attract trust from users.


On my spare time, I love to go out to take photos or hike a mountain.

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