5 Best WordPress Plugins for Elementor (Elementor Add-ons)

By: Aliko Sunawang
Feb 13, 2024

With the right add-on, you can unleash the power of Elementor as one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress. We have curated the best Elementor add-ons you can use for your next projects. All add-ons below come with the necessary widgets you need to be added to your design.

What is an Elementor add-on, by the way?

An Elementor add-on is a WordPress plugin designed specifically to work on Elementor. You can’t use an Elementor add-on without installing and activating Elementor on your WordPress website. An Elementor add-on is aimed at enhancing the functionality of Elementor by adding extra widgets and features that are not available on Elementor by default.

Elementor Pro is technically an add-on as it requires Elementor Free to work. Today, there are tens of Elementor add-ons available on the market other than Elementor Pro. However, not all of them really deserve your attention.

Here are our hand-picked Elementor add-ons worth trying.

1. Essential Addons

Looking for a free Elementor add-on that offers useful widgets? If so, Essential Addons is the add-on you can’t miss. The add-on is a product from WPDeveloper, the developer company that also develops other plugins such as BetterDocs, ReviewX, NotificationX, and EmbedPress. WPDeveloper releases Essential Addons as a freemium plugin. While there are a number of handy features you can unlock by upgrading to the pro version, the free version is more than enough for basic design.

The free version of Essential Addons comes with over 40 handy widgets. If you use form builder plugins like WPForms, Gravity Forms, to Ninja Forms, you can further style up your form from the Elementor editor as Essential Addons comes with widgets dedicated to styling forms powered by these plugins.

The pro version, meanwhile, comes with more advanced widgets, including the Google Maps widget which you can use to create a 360-degree virtual tour. You can add a live, Ajax-powered search feature on your website using the Advanced Search widget. Additional features like particle effects, content protection, and social media login are available on the pro version of Essential Addons.

Widgets available on Essential Addons Free:

Advanced AccordionEmbedPressProgress Bar
Advanced TabsEvent CalendarSimple Menu
Advanced Data TableFacebook FeedSticky Video
BetterDocs Category BoxFancy TextTeam Member
BetterDocs Category GridFeature ListTestimonial
BetterDocs Search FormFilterable GalleryTooltip
Caldera FormsFlip BoxTwitter Feed
Call to ActionFluent FormsTypeform
EasyJobs Career PageFormstackweForm
Contact Form 7Gravity FormsWoo Cart
Content TickerImage AccordionWoo Checkout
CountdownInfo BoxWoo Product Carousel
Creative ButtonInteractive CircleWoo Product Compare
Crowdfundly All CampaignLogin|Register FormWoo Product Gallery
Crowdfundly OrganizationPost GridReviewX Woo Review
Crowdfundly Single CampaignPricing TableWPForms
Data TableProduct GridNinja Forms
Dual Color Heading

Widgets available on Essential Addons Pro:

Advanced MenuInteractive CardPrice Menu
Content TimelineInteractive PromoProtected Content
CounterLearnDash Course ListStatic Product
DividerLightbox & ModalTeam Member Carousel
Dynamic GalleryLogo CarouselTestimonial Slider
Flip CarouselMailchimpToggle
Google MapOffcanvasTwitter Feed Carousel
Image ComparisonOne Page NavigationWoo Product Collections
Image HotspotsPost BlockWoo Product Slider
Image ScrollerPost CarouselAdvanced Search
Instagram FeedSmart Post List

2. JetElements

JetElements is an Elementor add-on developed by Crocoblock, the developer company that also develops JetEngine, JetPopup, and JetWooBuilder. Unlike Essential Addons, JetElements is released as a paid plugin. No free version is available. JetElements comes with a set of Elementor widgets to add creative elements to your Elementor page.

Some useful widgets offered by the plugin are the Instagram widget which you can use to display your Instagram feed, the Advanced Map widget which you can use to add a map to your page, and so on.

If you have an e-commerce website built with WooCommerce, JetElements also has some widgets designed to display your products.

Here are the widgets offered by JetElements:

Advanced CarouselAudio PlayerHorizontal Timeline
Animated TextLogo ShowcaseInline SVG
Bar ChartCountdown TimerLottie Files
Circle ProgressHeadlinePosts
DropbarImages LayoutProgress Bar
Image ComparisonLine ChartSlider
InstagramPortfolioTeam Member
Pie ChartPricing TableVideo Player
Price ListServicesWooCommerce Products
Scroll NavigationTableWooCommerce Top Rated Products
Subscribe FormVertical TimelineWooCommerce Sellers
TestimonialsAnimated BoxWooCommerce Sale Products
WeatherBannerWooCommerce Featured Products
Advanced MapButtonWooCommerce Recent Products
Contact Form 7Download Button

3. Happy Addons

If you are not convinced to use a fully paid plugin like JetElements, Happy Addons is another Elementor add-on you can try. Happy Addons is especially a great plugin if you use Elementor to sell digital products. The add-on offers some widgets designed specifically for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. The good thing about Happy Addons is that you can use the free version before upgrading to the pro version to unlock more features and widgets. In total, there are over 80 widgets offered by Happy Addons (free and pro).

One of the advantages offered by Happy Addons is that you will have more icon options. The add-on offers 500+ extra icons. Some useful widgets offered by Happy Addons are the Happy Mega Menu widget to create a mega menu, the Timeline widget to add timeline element, the Modup Popup widget to create a modal popup, and the Off Canvas widget to create an off-canvas menu.

In addition to widgets, Happy Addons also offers extra features to add certain functionalities. For instance, it has a feature to show/hide an element by certain conditions (user status, OS, web browser, etc.)

Widgets available on Happy Addons Free:

CardTwitter FeedCaldera Forms
Info BoxBar ChartweForms
Icon Box360° RotationNinja Forms
Skill BarsData TableWPForms
ReviewPricing Table LiteGravity Forms
Image CompareFlip Box LiteWP Fluent Forms
Gradient HeadingPost TabComparison Table
Team MemberPost ListPhoto Stack
Dual ButtonTaxonomy ListLord Icon
NumberHorizontal TimeLineSite Logo
Justified GridSocial ShareSite Title
TestimonialEvent CalendarSite Tagline
Logo GridImage Hover EffectNav Menu
SliderAnimated LinkPage Title
CarouselMailchimpPost Title
Image GridContent SwitcherPost Excerpt
Step FlowImage Stack GroupPost Content
Fun FactorCreative ButtonFeatured Image
CalendlyImage AccordionAuthor Box
News TickerPDF View WidgetPost Comments
Social IconContact Form 7Post Navigation
Post InfoArchive TitleArchive Posts

Widgets available on Happy Addons Pro:

Advanced SliderCountdownAuthor List
Happy Mega MenuSource CodeWooCommerce Product Grid
One Page NavigationPromo BoxWooCommerce Product Carousel
UnfoldHot SpotWooCommerce Product Category Grid
Off-Canvas ContentPrice MenuWooCommerce Product Category Carousel
Feature ListBusiness HourWooCommerce Single Product
Pricing TableLine ChartWooCommerce Mini Cart
Flip BoxPie & Doughnut ChartAdvanced Google Map
Advanced HeadingPolar Area ChartEDD Single Product
Hover BoxRadar ChartEDD Product Grid
Team CarouselFacebook FeedEDD Product Carousel
Scrolling ImageTwitter Feed CarouselEDD Category Grid
Advanced TabBreadcrumbsEDD Category Carousel
Advanced AccordionSticky VideoEDD Cart
Testimonial CarouselAdvanced Data tableEDD Checkout
Logo CarouselModal PopupEDD Login
Animated TextSingle Image ScrollEDD Registration
TimelinePost GridEDD Purchase
Instagram FeedPost TilesEDD Download
Advanced ToggleSmart Post ListImage Swap
List GroupPost CarouselRemote Carousel

4. PowerPack

PowerPack is a product from IdeaBox, the developer that also develops Divi Monk (a cloud-based template library for Divi). In addition to Elementor, PowerPack is also available for Beaver Builder. PowerPack is available in two versions: the lite version, which you can download for free, and the pro version.

Same as the first three add-ons above, PowerPack also comes with a set of useful widgets to make your design process with Elementor easier.

Widgets available on PowerPack Lite:

Business HoursLogo GridFormidable Forms
CounterLogo CarouselAdvanced Accordion
DividerPrice MenuImage Accordion
Dual HeadingPricing TableFlip Box
Image HotspotsPromo BoxContent Ticker
Icon ListTeam MemberButtons
Image ComparisonTeam Member CarouselScroll Image
Info BoxContact Form 7Fancy Heading
Info Box CarouselGravity Forms StylerPosts
Info ListCaldera Forms StylerContent Reveal
Info TableNinja Forms StylerRandom Image
Instagram FeedWPForms StylerFluent Forms
Link Effects

Widgets available on PowerPack Pro:

Countdown TimerTiled PostVideo
Popup BoxRecipeVideo Gallery
Page NavigationContent ToggleAlbum
Image GalleryTableCategories
Image SliderGoogle MapsCoupons
Off-canvas ContentAdvanced TabsTable of Contents
Showcase WidgetTimelineBreadcrumbs
Card SliderMagazine SliderAdvanced Posts
Advanced MenuBusiness Reviews

5. Ultimate Addons

If you are not interested with an Elementor add-on that offers too many widgets, Ultimate Addons might is the add-on you need. Compared to four add-ons above, Ultimate Addons offers fewer widgets. It has “only” 44 widgets.

Some widgets offered by the add-on include the Instagram widget to display your Instagram feed, the User Registration Form widget to create a registration form, the Off-Canvas widget to create off-canvas menu, so on.

Ultimate Addons is developed by the same company as Astra Theme. It is released as a fully paid plugin like JetElements.

Here are the widgets offered by Ultimate Addons:

Advanced HeadingDual Color HeadingWP Fluent Forms Styler
Business HoursFancy HeadingWPForms Styler
Content ToggleHotSpotsBusiness Reviews
Google MapsLogin FormHow-To Scheme
Image GalleryMarketing ButtonFAQ Scheme
Info BoxMulti ButtonsTable of Contents
Modal PopupNavigation MenuInstagram Feed
Price ListPrice BoxSocial Share
TableRetina ImageWoo – Add to Cart
VideoTeam MemberWoo – Categories
Video GalleryTimelineWoo – Checkout
Before After SliderUser Registration FormWoo – Mini Cart
Countdown TimeContact Form 7 StylerWoo – Products
Display ConditionsGravity Form Styler


With over 13 million installs, it’s safe to say that Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. Two main factors that determine Elementor’s current status are: intuitive editor and open ecosystem. Elementor allows third-party developers to build add-ons to add functionalities that are not available in Elementor by default. There are tens of Elementor add-ons available on the market today. Essential Addons, JetElements, Happy Addons, PowerPack, and Ultimate Addons are among them.

Elementor itself can run on any hosting service whereby you can install WordPress, including traditional shared hosting that has low resource. However, for a better experience, it’s highly recommended to use a hosting service that has PHP memory limit of at least 256MB. Elementor itself offers a managed WordPress hosting service with Elementor Pro pre-installed. The service is called Elementor Hosting. You can try the service to build Elementor-powered WordPress websites.