BetterDocs is a knowledge base plugin for WordPress. The plugin is developed by WPDeveloper — the same developer that develops NotificationX, Essential Addons, BetterLinks, and a number of other WordPress plugins. As a knowledge base plugin, you can use BetterDocs to create documentations about your product to make it easy for your users to learn about your product. With BetterDocs, you can create more organized documentations on your WordPress site. You can create categories and tags to put together documentations according to their context, just like regular blog posts.

The way BetterDocs works is quite simple. It creates new custom post type on your WordPress site — which is aimed at accommodating the documentations. Also, the plugin creates new custom taxonomies to allow you to create categories and tags for your documentations. While BetterDocs comes with built-in layouts for documentations and other related pages, you can create custom layouts using plugins like Divi Builder and Elementor. If you use Avada Theme, you can also do the same thing using the Layout Builder feature of Avada Theme.

Overall, BetterDocs consists of the following parts:

  • Docs Page: To display all documentations. Much like shop page in WooCommerce
  • Single Doc: To control the layout of the documentations. Much like single post template
  • Archive Page: To control the layout of the archive pages (category, tag, author, etc.)

As said above, you can use a theme builder plugin to create custom layout of the parts above. Or, you can customize the parts above using the built-in theme customizer of WordPress.

BetterDocs comes with a built-in search feature — which will search for documentations only. If you want to create a custom page (e.g., a Knowledge Base page), you can embed the documentation archives, feedback form, and search form using the built-in shortcodes offered by the plugin (BetterDocs offer dedicated Gutenberg blocks and Elementor widgets).

In BetterDocs, you can set who can create documentations thanks to its role manager feature. Also, you can instantly reply to your users’ feedbacks via its Instant Answer feature. Furthermore, BetterDocs comes with built-in analytics feature to analyze the performance of your documentations.

Here are the key features offered by BetterDocs:

  • Ready-made template designs
  • Customizable design
  • Customized search
  • Role manager
  • Analytics
  • Page builder compatibility