Essential Addons is a WordPress plugin developed exclusively for Elementor. The plugin offers a set of additional widgets to extend the widget library of Elementor. Some widgets offered by Essential Addons have the similar functionality as the native widget of Elementor, but they offer different styling options. Some widgets are completely unique and are not available in the list of Elementor native widgets. In addition to widgets, Essential Addons also comes with extensions. Extensions are a set of additional features that you can use when creating a page or custom template with Elementor. For instance, Essential Addons comes with an extension called Content Protection which you can use to password-protected an Elementor-powered page.


— Free Widgets

Just like Elementor which is released as a freemium plugin. So is Essential Addons. The free version of the plugin comes with 50+ basic widgets. You have widgets to display blog posts such as Post Grid (to display blog posts in a grid style) and Post Timeline (to display blog posts in a timeline style). You also have widgets to style up a form you created with plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, and so on.

Here is the list of the widgets available on the free version of Essential Addons:

Advanced AccordionEmbedPressProgress Bar
Advanced TabsEvent CalendarSimple Menu
Advanced Data TableFacebook FeedSticky Video
BetterDocs Category BoxFancy TextTeam Member
BetterDocs Category GridFeature ListTestimonial
BetterDocs Search FormFilterable GalleryTooltip
Caldera FormsFlip BoxTwitter Feed
Call to ActionFluent FormsTypeform
EasyJobs Career PageFormstackweForm
Contact Form 7Gravity FormsWoo Cart
Content TickerImage AccordionWoo Checkout
CountdownInfo BoxWoo Product Carousel
Creative ButtonInteractive CircleWoo Product Compare
Crowdfundly All CampaignLogin|Register FormWoo Product Gallery
Crowdfundly OrganizationPost GridReviewX Woo Review
Crowdfundly Single CampaignPricing TableWPForms
Data TableProduct GridNinja Forms
Dual Color Heading

— Pro Widgets

As mentioned earlier above, Essential Addons comes with a widget that you can use to create a password-protected page with Elementor. The widget is available on the pro version — along with other widgets such as Google Maps and Advanced Search.

The Google Maps widget allows you to create advanced maps powered by Google Maps, including a 360-degree virtual tour. There 8 map types you can create with the widgets:

  • Basic
  • Multiple maker
  • Static
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Overlay
  • With routes
  • Panorama

Another notable widget available on the pro version of Essential Addons is Advanced Search. The widget allows you to add an Ajax search in Elementor whereby you can set the query yourself. You can, for instance, add a search form for a specific post type. That being said, Essential Addons is a plugin you can consider if you are looking for a custom search plugin for WordPress. Especially if you use Elementor.

Here is the list of widgets available on the pro version of Essential Addons:

Advanced MenuInteractive CardPrice Menu
Content TimelineInteractive PromoProtected Content
CounterLearnDash Course ListStatic Product
DividerLightbox & ModalTeam Member Carousel
Dynamic GalleryLogo CarouselTestimonial Slider
Flip CarouselMailchimpToggle
Google MapOffcanvasTwitter Feed Carousel
Image ComparisonOne Page NavigationWoo Product Collections
Image HotspotsPost BlockWoo Product Slider
Image ScrollerPost CarouselAdvanced Search
Instagram FeedSmart Post List


In addition to the widgets above — which you can add to your Elementor page — Essential Addons also comes with a set of extra features called extension. An extension allows you to add a certain feature or functionality to your Elementor-powered page. For instance, the Conditional Display extension allows you to display an element based on the user state (logged in/out) and role.

Here are the extensions offered by Essential Addons:

  • Parallax
  • Particles
  • Advanced Tooltip
  • Content Protection
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Table of Contents
  • Duplicator
  • Custom JS
  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste
  • Scroll to Top
  • Conditional Display

Essential Addons gives you options to disable the widgets and extensions you don’t need. You can do so from the settings page of Essential Addons which you can access via the WordPress dashboard. Essential Addons itself is one of the products developed by WPDeveloper, inc. — other than NotificationX, BetterDocs, BettterLinks, SchedulePress, and so on.