GiveWP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to accept online donations. With the plugin, you can easily create a donation form and publish it on your website. During the form creation, you can add the necessary information such as heading (title), description, image header, and so on. Basic form styling options are available to make your donation form match the color scheme of your website. For instance, you can set the color of the form header as well as the font family.

When creating a new donation form on GiveWP, you can set multiple options of the amount donations. Or, you can set the donors to set the amount donations themselves. If you want to collect specific donation amount, you can enable the donation goal option. The goal will be displayed on the header section of the form donation so that your donors (or aspiring donors) can easily learn the goal of the donation. Here is a sample of donation form created with GiveWP.

GiveWP treats donation forms as post types. If you have multiple donation forms on your website, you can display them on a page just like blog posts. GiveWP itself includes some Gutenberg blocks which you can use to add a donation form to a Gutenberg-powered page or to display the list of your donation forms. If you use Elementor, you can install the GiveWP Donation Widgets for Elementor plugin to add a donation form or display a list of donation forms to an Elementor-powered page.

In GiveWP, registration is required before a donor can make a donation. GiveWP offers a dashboard dedicated to donors whereby they can do such things as checking the donation history, viewing the donation receipt, editing the profile, and so on.

Payment Gateway

The default installation of GiveWP supports two payment gateway services: PayPal and Stripe. To accept donations via other gateway services, you can install an add-on. In addition to accepting donations online via these payment gateway services, GiveWP also allows you to accept offline donations — which requires manual process by the administrator to complete the donation transaction.

GiveWP allows you to effortlessly check the list of donors via the WordPress dashboard. There is also a great built-in reporting feature to make it easy for you to learn donation stats.

All the features mentioned above are available on the core of GiveWP — which is available for free. You can extend the functionality of GiveWP via add-ons. GiveWP add-ons are available as packages and individuals.