Happy Addons is a WordPress plugin developed specifically for Elementor. In other words, you can also call it an Elementor add-on. Just like other Elementor add-ons such as Essential Addons, JetElements, etc., Happy Addons also comes with a set of extra widgets which you can use to add more creative elements to your Elementor designs (pages or custom templates). There are over 80 widgets offered by Happy Addons in total.

In addition to widgets, Happy Addons also offers extra features to extend the functionality of Elementor. One of which, it has display condition feature to allow you to show/hide an element based on certain parameters. Happy Addons also comes with a mega menu builder in case you want to create an advanced menu on your Elementor-powered WordPress site. If you think the icon collections offered by Elementor are not enough, Happy Addons offers more. The add-on comes with 500+ line icons.


Happy Addons is available as a freemium plugin. You can use it for free but with fewer, basic widgets. The pro version — of course — comes with more widgets. Here are the widgets offered by Happy Addons.

— Free Widgets

Dual ButtonCardPost List
Icon BoxFlip BoxPost Tab
Image GridImage Hover EffectTaxonomy List
Team MemberAnimated LinkBar Chart
360-Degree RotationPDF ViewCaldera Forms
Content SwitcherCompare TableContact Form 7
Event CalendarFun FactorFluent Form
Image AccordionImage Stack GroupGravity Form
Info BoxLordIconMailchimp
News TickerPhoto StackNinja Forms
Step FlowCreative ButtonweForms
Data TableGradient HeadingWPForms
Horizontal TimelineJustified GridSocial Icons
Image CompareNumberSocial Share
Logo GridPricing TableTwitter Feed
ReviewImage Carousel

— Pro Widgets

Advanced AccordionScrolling ImageEDD Single Product
Advanced TabHotspotsEDD Product Carousel
CountdownOff CanvasFacebook Feed
List GroupAdvanced Pricing TableInstagram Feed
Source CodePrice MenuTwitter Feed Carousel
Advanced TogglePromo BoxMini Cart
Advanced Data TableAdvanced SliderProduct Category Grid
BreadcrumbsLogo CarouselWooCommerce Cart
Feature ListTeam CarouselProduct Carousel
Modal PopupTestimonial CarouselProduct Grid
Sticky VideoAuthor ListWooCommerce Checkout
UnfoldPost TilesProduct Category Carousel
Advanced HeadingPost CarouselSingle Product
Business HourLine ChartSmart Post List
Advanced Google MapRadar ChartSingle Image Scroll
Happy MenuPie & Doughnut ChartPost Grid
TimelineEDD Category CarouselAnimated Text
Advanced Flip BoxEDD Product GridPolar Area Chart
Hover BoxEDD Category GridOne Page Nav

The widgets above can be disabled via the settings page of Happy Addons which you can access via your WordPress dashboard.


In addition to the widgets above, Happy Addons also comes with extra features to extend the Elementor functionality. One of the notable features is Display Condition, which allows you to show or hide an element (section, column, or widget) based on the following parameters:

  • Login status
  • User role
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Date range
  • Date
  • Day

The Display Condition of Happy Addons works on all elements, including the native widgets of Elementor. Furthermore, Happy Addons also comes with ready-made templates to streamline your workflow.

Key Features of Happy Addons:

  • Ready-Made Templates
  • Tooltip
  • CSS Transform
  • Floating Effects
  • Image Masking
  • Wrapper Link
  • Background Overlay
  • Display Condition
  • Grid Layer
  • Shape Divider
  • Column Order & Extension
  • Equal Height Column
  • Particle Effects
  • Text Stroke