JetBlog is a WordPress plugin designed specifically to create editorial websites such a blog, online magazine, news portal, and the similar websites. The plugin is built exclusively for Elementor, the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. With JetBlog, you can display the blog posts (or CPT content) on your WordPress website in two main styles: grid and list style. There are two widgets that you can use to do so: the Smart Post List widget and the Smart Post Tiles widget.

The Smart Post Tiles widget offers 9 layout options you can choose from to display your content.

Be it the Smart Post List widget or Smart Post Tiles widget comes with options to set the post types to be displayed. So, not only you can display blog posts. Instead, you can also display CPT content or even WooCommerce products. To display more specific content, you can also set the taxonomies.

In addition to the widgets mentioned above, JetBlog also comes with four other widgets. So, in total, there are 6 widgets offered by JetBlog as follows:

  • Post Navigation
  • Post Pagination
  • Smart Posts List
  • Smart Posts Tiles
  • Text Ticker
  • Video Playlist

The Video Playlist widget can be used to create a YouTube playlist whereby the videos are added manually or imported from an existing playlist on your YouTube account.