JetEngine is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create dynamic custom content. Particularly, you can use it create custom fields, custom post types, and custom taxonomies. Also, JetEngine comes with several other features to allow you to do more on your WordPress website. JetEngine is one of the products of Crocoblock. It was initially only compatible with Elementor, but you can now use JetEngine on Gutenberg as well although not all functionalities work on Gutenberg. For instance, JetEngine has the functionality to show/hide an element by certain parameters. This functionality is not available for Gutenberg.

When creating custom fields using JetEngine, you can add field types such as text, number, date, checkbox, media, gallery, and so on. Here are the field types supported by JetEngine:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Time
  • Datetime
  • Text Area
  • Switcher
  • Checkbox
  • Icon Picker
  • Media
  • Gallery
  • Radio
  • Repeater
  • Select
  • Number
  • Color Picker
  • Posts
  • HTML

Custom fields can be assigned to a post type, taxonomy, or a user profile.

JetEngine is handy to create complex dynamic websites such as directory websites and listing websites. It has the ability to create listing template whereby you can add custom elements using the Elementor widgets. JetEngine itself also adds a set of extra widgets to Elementor widgets (and Gutenberg if you prefer using Gutenberg).

  • Dynamic Field
  • Dynamic Link
  • Dynamic Repeater
  • Listing Grid
  • Dynamic Image
  • Dynamic Meta
  • Dynamic Terms