JetPopup is a popup builder plugin for WordPress. To use it, you need to have Elementor installed and activated on your website. JetPopup depends on Elementor to create the content of the popup. In addition, popup settings are also made via the settings panel of Elementor. Since the popup is created via Elementor, you can add element/widget to your popup. Be it the native Elementor widgets or widgets from third-party add-ons such as JetElements and Essential Addons. JetPopup itself is developed by Crocoblock — the company developer behind Elementor-based plugins like JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, to JetMenu.

To helps streamlining your workflow, JetPopup comes with a number of pre-made popup templates which you can import every time you want to create a new popup. There are over 120 pre-made popups you can choose from. From content locker popups to cookie consent popups.

The features offered by JetPopup are not much different from the popup builder of Elementor Pro. First, you can use Elementor to create the popup, meaning that you have limitless design options. Second, JetPopup also supports display conditions to allow you to set the location of a popup to appear. What’s more, you can also set how a popup to appear thanks to the extensive trigger type options. You can set both the display condition and trigger via the settings panel of Elementor.

The trigger types supported by JetPopup:

  • On page load
  • After inactivity
  • On page scroll
  • Exit intent
  • Date
  • Time
  • By selector ID