JetReviews is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a custom rating and review system on your website. The plugin is developed by Crocoblock, a prominent developer company that develops JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetElements, and several other plugins. JetReviews depends on Elementor to work. In other words, you need to have Elementor installed and activated on your WordPress site before you can use JetReviews. You can use whether Elementor Free or Elementor Pro to use JetReviews.

JetReviews needs Elementor to design the frontend of your rating and review system. You can the layout or reviews area, background, and design the elements such as rating icon, user profile image, typography, and so on. You have a full control over the design of your reviews area.

You can use JetReviews whether on the default post types of WordPress (e.g., blog posts), custom post types, or WooCommerce products. In the WordPress world, a plugin that has similar functionalities with JetReviews is ReviewX from WPDeveloper.

In general, JetReviews has two main functionalities: rating system and commenting system.

Rating System

With this functionality, users can give a rating over certain content (blog post, WooCommerce product, listing item, etc.). The rating is in a 1-5 scale like most rating systems on the internet. The rating is represented by star icons — which you can customize using Elementor editor.

Commenting System

This functionality allows users to leave a comment to a blog post, WooCommerce product, or custom post type content. The appearance of the comments area can be designed using the Elementor editor.

JetReviews allows you to set who can leave a comment or give a rating to a content on your website. If you want it, you can require your users to login before they can comment or rate. The moderation feature allows you to manually approve a comment before it shows up on the frontend. On the backend itself, the features offered by JetReviews include:

  • Moderation
  • Comments management
  • Stats

To protect your review system from bots, you can integrate JetReviews with reCAPTCHA.