JetSearch is a custom search plugin for WordPress from Crocoblock. The plugin allows you to create a custom search form on your WordPress site. You can place the search form anywhere you want. Whether on the header, sidebar, or a page. The plugin was initially developed exclusively for Elementor, but it is also available for block editor (Gutenberg). After installing and activating the plugin, you will have a new widget in Elementor (or block if you use Gutenberg) called Ajax Search. You can simply drag the widget and drop it to the canvas area to add a custom search form.

JetSearch adds an Ajax-based search functionality on your website. Meaning that when your users perform a search query via the search form, they will be presented with the search results instantly, not being redirected to the search results page like the default search form of WordPress. JetSearch allows you to control the content to be displayed on the search results. You can, for instance, set the Ajax Search widget to display search results from a specific post type. With this capability, JetSearch is great to be used on a complex site whereby you need to add a custom search form on multiple pages.

Here is the screenshot of the query setting in JetSearch.

You can select multiple content sources on the Ajax Search widget. There are also options to include/exclude content by post term (category, tag, author, etc.).

JetSearch allows you to style up the search form as well as the search results area (the dropdown area). You can set things like border radius of the search field, background color, typography, and so on.