JetSmartFilters is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom filters with the end purpose is to allow your users to filter your content from the frontend. If you have an a-commerce website, for instance, you can allow your users to filter the content (products in this case) by parameters such as price, color, rating, and so on. Filters can be placed anywhere according to your design concept. JetSmartFilters is developed by Crocoblock — the same developer behind JetEngine. It was initially only compatible with Elementor, but it is also compatible with the default editor of WordPress a.k.a Gutenberg.

As JetSmartFilters is developed by the same developer as JetEngine, it has a great integration support with it. You can use the custom content you created with JetEngine (custom post type, custom fields, custom taxonomies, etc.) as the search parameters. Even so, JetSmartFilters is also compatible with ACF.

If you use JetSmartFilters on Elementor, you can use JetSmartFilters to filter content on the following widgets:

  • Elementor Pro Archive Products
  • Elementor Pro Portfolio
  • Elementor Pro Products
  • Elementor Pro Archive
  • Elementor Pro Posts
  • JetEngine
  • JetEngine Calendar

About the filter type, JetSmartFilters allows you to add the following filter types:

  • Checkboxes list
  • Select
  • Range
  • Check range
  • Date range
  • Date period
  • Radio
  • Rating
  • Alphabet
  • Search
  • Visual