JetTabs is one of the plugins developed by Crocoblock — the developer company well-known for its set of Elementor add-ons. JetTabs is built exclusively for Elementor aimed at allowing you to add a tabbed section on your Elementor design — be it a page or theme builder template. The content of the tabs can be created directly using a WYSIWYG editor or be imported from an Elementor template. The latter option allows you to create a more appealing tab content as you can add visual elements using the Elementor widgets.

One of the example uses of JetTabs is to showcase your works (portfolio) whereby you can display works in a tabbed format. You can put together you works based on certain criteria into each tab.

JetTabs itself comes with four Elemetor widgets with the Tabs widget is the main widget. The widget has a function to display content in a tabbed format as shown on the animated GIF above. Elementor also has a native widget called Tabs. However, this native widget offers no option to add content from a template.

Here are the widgets offered by JetTabs:

  • Tabs
  • Switcher
  • Classic Accordion
  • Image Accordion

Except the Image Accordion, all widgets above allow you to add the content from a template. The Switcher widget is especially useful if you have a pricing plan section on your website. You can use the widget to make the section more attractive by providing a switcher. For instance, you can provide a switcher to allow you users to switch between monthly plans and yearly plans.