Kadence Blocks is a WordPress plugin designed specifically to work with Gutenberg (block editor). With the plugin, you can get the most out of Gutenberg to create the core pages of your website just like page builders such as Elementor and Divi Builder. Kadence Blocks comes with a set of Gutenberg blocks to make it easy for you to create a page with Gutenberg. Two of which are Section and Row Layout. These two blocks are useful to arrange the layout of your design elements in Gutenberg. With these elements, you can effortlessly make the settings like content alignment — be it vertically or horizontally — and spacing.

While the Section block and Row Layout block allow you to arrange the layout of your page, blocks like Lottie Animations, Icon, Ico List, Form, and Countdown allow you to add creative elements to your page.

One of the advantages Kadence Blocks offers is the ability to apply more styling options to each block. For instance, Kadende Blocks comes with a block called Advanced Image (Gutenberg already has a native block to add an image called Image). Unlike the native Image block of Gutenberg, the Advanced Image block offers more styling options such as the ability to control the border radius, set box shadow, set image masking, set image filter, and so on. Also, you can use a dynamic image such featured image or user profile picture.

Here are the blocks offered by Kadence Blocks:

Lottie AnimationsTabsShow More
Advanced ImageInfo BoxImage Overlay (Pro)
Google MapsAccordionVideo Popup (Pro)
Spacer/DividerIcon ListModal (Pro)
Advanced ButtonTestimonialsPost Grid/Carousel (Pro)
Count UpAdvanced GalleryPortfolio Grid/Carousel (Pro)
Row LayoutFormProduct Carousel (Pro)
SectionTable of ContentsSplit Content (Pro)
IconPostsAdvanced Slider (Pro)
Advanced TextCountdownUser Info (Pro)

When creating a new page with Kadence Blocks, you don’t have to always start from scratch as Kadence Blocks comes with pre-made templates. You can access the templates (section templates and page templates) via Design Library. From Design Library, you can also access raw design framework (wireframe) which you can fill out with your own content.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Kadence Blocks also offers other features such as display condition to allow you to show/hide an element based on device type and login state, custom icon, custom font, entrance/exit animation, and so on.

Here are the key features offered by Kadence Blocks:

  • Responsive editing
  • Layout controls
  • Typography controls
  • Spacing controls
  • Visibility controls
  • Animations
  • Custom icons
  • Custom fonts
  • Dynamic content