Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is a WordPress security plugin that specifically protects your website from brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts to your website. If a user exceeding the maximum allowed login attempts, they will be locked out by the plugin. They can retry the login attempt after a certain period (in hours), depending on the setting you made (default setting is 24 hours).

By default, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded will lock out users after four times failed login attempts. An email notification will be sent to your email for every locked-out user. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded also comes with a feature to block users by IP addresses and geo location. If you have multiple WordPress websites, you can even synchronize the blocklist between your domains.

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded comes with a handy feature to allow to monitor the number of daily failed login attempts. Here are the key features offered by Limit Login Attempts Reloaded:

  • Country Blocking
  • Access IP Blocklist of Known Malicious IPs
  • Auto Add IPs To Blocklist
  • Safelist/Blacklist Sync Between Multiple Sites
  • Lockout Sync Between Multiple Sites
  • Intelligent IP Blocking/Unblocking

Some premium WordPress hosting services such as Pressidium and Kinsta have extra security features to limit login attempts. So, you don’t need to install an additional plugin anymore.