Qubely is a WordPress plugin developed by Themeum (who also develops WP Crowdfunding and Tutor LMS). The plugin is designed to work with WordPress block editor a.k.a Gutenberg. It adds a set of Gutenberg blocks to allow you to add more creative elements to your page. Currently, Qubely offers about 38 Gutenberg blocks with some new blocks are being developed. Each of Qubely block offers more advanced styling options than the native Gutenberg blocks. For instance, the Button block offered by Qubely allows you to add an icon (which is integrated with Font Awesome), set a custom font family (integrated with Google Fonts), set custom size, set custom border, and so on. You can even add a box shadow.

With Qubely, you can make your page more alive by adding animation effects to your elements. To streamline your workflow, Qubely also comes with premade styles on some blocks. It also offers the ability to create preset colors and typography.

Here are the blocks offered by Qubely:

AccordionImageForm Builder
Advanced ListInfo BoxAdvanced Gallery
ColumnsProgress BarImage Carousel
Block WrapperRowPost Carousel
ButtonTabsPost Grid
Button GroupTeamPrice List
Contact FormTestimonialTeam Carousel
CounterTimelineTestimonial Carousel
DividerVideo PopupMedia Card
Google MapSocial IconsPie Progress
HeadingPricingVertical Tab
IconAnimated HeadlineTable of Contents
Icon List

One of the notable features offered by Qubely is the ability to use different settings on each device type (desktop, tablet, smartphone). This feature is crucial enough to create a responsive page with Gutenberg as you can fit the settings of a block on each device type.