Restrict Content is a membership plugin for WordPress. With the plugin, you can control who can access the content on your WordPress based on certain criteria. For instance, you can set certain blog posts to be accessed by logged in members only. After installing and activating the plugin, you will see a new menu beneath the WordPress editor. You can use this menu to set who can access the content you are writing.

Restrict Content can be used to limit the access of blog posts, pages, and custom post types. So, not only you can use it on an editorial-based website, but also other type of websites, including a stock photo website.

Of course, Restrict Content allows you to charge membership fee. The plugin allows you to collect payments via PayPal and Stripe. The option to accept payment via Stripe is even available on the free version of Restrict Content.

In general, Restrict Content offers two main functionalities: as a membership plugin and a content restriction plugin:


Restrict Content allows you to create unlimited membership levels or subscription packages whereby on each package you can set a user’s access to specific content. You can require your members to make a purchase on the registration page to complete the membership registration.

Restrict Content comes with a membership manager to allow you to easily keep track of your membership. You can instantly view active, expired, cancelled, and pending memberships. Of course, you can also manually add a membership. Restrict Content also comes with a feature to allow you members to manage their account. They can cancel the membership, upgrade the membership, update their profile, and so on.

Content Restriction

The content restriction functionality offered by Restrict Content include the ability to limit access to full content. You can control user access to the content based on the user role, access level, or membership level.