Stackable is a WordPress plugin for Gutenberg (block editor). It adds a set of blocks on Gutenberg. With these blocks, you can add more elements to your Gutenberg-powered page. More importantly, you can make more advanced settings to your elements as Stackable blocks come with more setting options. With Stackable, you can create a fully responsive page using Gutenberg thanks to its responsive editing feature. The feature allows you to show/hide a block according to the device type (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Stackable is also a great plugin to add animation effects to Gutenberg-powered page. You can set animation effects like entrance animation, exit animation, hover effect, and so on. The custom CSS feature allows you to step even further.

Stackable comes with 30+ creative blocks, including useful blocks like Columns, Icon, Price, Posts, Separator, and so on. The Icon block even supports integration with Font Awesome to allow you to pick hundreds of icons. Stackable is also integrated with Google Fonts to allow you to pick a font family from the Google Fonts library when working with blocks like Text, Heading, and other blocks that involve typography settings. Furthermore, Stackable supports dynamic content. Be it default dynamic content of WordPress (featured image, post title, post meta, and so on) or custom fields.

Stackable Blocks

Here is the list of the blocks offered by Stackable:

ColumnsNumber BoxSubtitle
IconPriceVideo Popup
HeadingTable of ContentsFeature
Icon ListCardHero
TextDesign LibraryPricing Box
AccordionExpand/Show MoreTestimonial
Count UpImage BoxCall to Action
DividerNotificationFeature Grid
Icon LabelPostsIcon Box
MapSeparatorTeam Member

If you don’t need some of the plugins above, you have options to disable them via the settings page of Stackable.


Other than the blocks above, Stackable also comes with features to enrich your experience of creating a page with Gutenberg. Recently, Stackable has just introduced integration support with JetEngine to allow you to display dynamic content from JetEngine using Stackable blocks. Here are the key features offered by Stackable, other than the blocks above:

  • Design library
  • Dynamic content
  • Motion effects
  • Display condition for blocks
  • User role manager
  • Custom CSS
  • Global colors
  • Global typography