tagDiv Composer is a page builder plugin for WordPress. Unlike other page builder plugins such as Elementor and Divi Builder, tagDiv Composer is designed specifically to create editorial content-based websites like news portal, online magazine, and blog. It comes with several design elements (called shortcodes) to display content (blog posts) in a grid and list style.

There are about 30 shortcodes aimed at displaying blog posts. They are grouped in the Block shortcodes and Big Grid shortcodes. Each shortcode on the Block shortcode and Big Grid shortcodes groups has a pre-defined design to display blog posts in a unique style. Sure, you can also customize it to match the color scheme on your website. Blog posts displayed on a Block shortcode are filterable. You can select blog posts by categories, tags, or select them manually.

Although tagDiv Compposer is designed specifically to create an editorial content-based website, you can also use it to create a more static website such as portfolio to company profile as tagDiv Composer also offers general shortcodes to add image, button, icon, text, to pricing table.

Here are the design elements offered by tagDiv Composer.

RowClientIcon Box
Inner RowColumn ContentImage Info Box
Empty SpaceLeadsInline Text
Header Main MenuLeads Unsubscribe ButtonList
Header Categories ListPlans ButtonMenu Product
Header LogoPlans PriceAd Box
Header Live SearchPlans Text SwitcherArchive List
Header LoginPlans SwitcherAuthor Box
Header DatePage CheckoutAuthors Box
Header WeatherPage AccountCategories/Tags List
Mobile MenuPage Login/RegisterColumn
Mobile Horizontal MenuMenu LoginCovid-19 Statistic Counter
Mobile Live SearchBig Grid Flex 1Covid-19 Statistics Table
Flex Block 1Big Grid Flex 2Exchange
Flex Block 2Big Grid Flex 3Flickr
Flex Block 3Big Grid Flex 4Homepage Post
Flex Block 4Big Grid Flex 5Image Box
Flex Block 5Big Grid Flex 6Instagram
Block 1Big Grid Flex 7List Menu
Block 2Big Grid Flex 8Modal Popup
Block 3Big Grid Flex 9News Ticker
Block 4Big Grid Flex 10Pinterest
Block 5Big Grid 1Popular Category
Block 6Big Grid 2Raw CSS
Block 7Big Grid 3Raw HTML
Block 8Big Grid 4Recent Comments
Block 9Big Grid 5Search Form
Block 10Big Grid 6Separator
Block 11Big Grid 7Single Background Image
Block 12Big Grid 8Slide
Block 13Big Grid 9Text with Title
Block 14Big Grid 10Title
Block 15Big Grid 11Video Embed
Block 16Big Grid 12Video Playlist
Block 17Big Grid Full 1Weather
Block 18Big Grid Full 2Widget Sidebar
Block 19Big Grid Full 3Revolution Slider
Block 20Big Grid Full 4Social Counter
Block 21Big Grid Full 5Social Share
Block 22Big Grid Full 6Numbered Counter
Block 23Big Grid Full 7Pricing Table
Block 24Big Grid Full 8Progress Bar
Block 25Big Grid Full 9Single Image
Page TitleBig Grid Full 10Social Icons
Posts LoopBig Grid Full SlideTeam Member
Posts Loop 2Column TitleTestimonial
BreadcrumbsFancy Text with ImageText with Image
ButtonHeroTitle Over Image
Call to ActionIcon