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JetTabs is a plugin built exclusively for Elementor aimed at allowing you to add a tabbed section on your Elementor design — be it a page or theme builder template.

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JetMenu is a WordPress plugin from Crocoblock that allows you to create an advanced menu. From mega menu to off-canvas menu. You can edit the menu using Elementor or Gutenberg.

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JetWooBuilder is a great plugin to create a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce website with Elementor. It comes with 60+ widgets dedicated to creating custom pages/templates for WooCommerce.

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JetBlog is a WordPress plugin designed specifically to create editorial websites such a blog, online magazine, news portal, and the similar websites.

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JetReviews Icon


JetReviews is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a custom rating and review system on your website.

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JetElements comes with over 40 widgets in total. Some widgets have the similar functionality to the native Elementor widgets, but with more advanced styling options.

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Happy Addons

With over 90 widgets and supporting features like Display Condition and mega menu builder, Happy Addons is a worth considering Elementor add-on.

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Essential Addons

Essential Addons is the most popular Elementor add-on. It comes with 90+ widgets and extensions to enrich your experience in creating a website with WordPress+Elementor.

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