7 Best Popup Builder Plugins for WordPress

By: Aliko Sunawang
Feb 13, 2024

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to create a popup on your website? We have curated the picks of popup builder plugins that you can use to do so.

If implemented properly, popup is a great tool to grow your online business. For instance, you can create a popup to collect email addresses of your visitors and then send email newsletters using plugins like MailPoet or Mailster. You can target specific users by setting the popup to appear on certain posts or pages (e.g., posts under specific categories).

You can look for a popup builder plugin on marketplaces like CodeCanyon and Divi Marketplace. Before picking one, make sure to understand what you will do with the popup builder. If you want to use the popup builder to collect email addresses (with the main purpose to send newsletters), for instance, make sure the popup builder supports integration with the newsletter plugin (or service) you use.

Features to Consider When Picking a Popup Builder

A popup can’t show up without a trigger. In this context, trigger can be page load, button click, and so on. That being said, trigger types should be the main feature you need consider before picking a popup builder. In general, most popup builder plugins allow you to show a popup based on the following trigger types:

Best WordPress Popup Builder Plugins

1. Elementor Pro

Do you use Elementor on your WordPress site? If yes, you can upgrade to the pro version to unlock the popup builder feature. The popup builder of Elementor Pro is one of the best options of popup builder plugins for WordPress. First, you can design the popup using the visual editor of Elementor. If you have no idea about the design concept, you can start from a premade popup template.

Second, you can set where a popup to appear thanks to the Display Conditions feature. You can display a popup on specific page(s), specific(s) posts, posts under certain categories, and so on. You can also exclude a page or post to prevent a popup to appear on it.

Also, the popup builder feature of Elementor supports a wide range of trigger types, including:

You also have options to hide a popup on mobile device, logged in users, users that use certain web browsers, and so on.

With the extensive trigger types as mentioned above, you can use Elementor popup builder to create a wide range of popup types. From a popup to collect email addresses, a content locker popup, cookie consent popup, etc. You can even use it to create a full-screen menu.

2. Kadence Conversions

If you enjoy creating pages using Gutenberg, then you might want to give Kadence Conversions a try. Kadence Conversions is a popup builder based on Gutenberg. Meaning that you can design the popup using Gutenberg, the default editor of WordPress. As depicted by its name, Kadence Conversions has the focus to convert visitors into leads. To track the performance of a popup, you are provided with built-in analytics feature.

Kadence Conversions also supports a wide range of trigger types just like Elementor’s popup builder. You can display your popup based on the following trigger types:

The Display Conditions feature allows you to set where a popup to appear.

The downside of Kadence Conversions is that it offers no native Gutenberg block to allow you to create an email opt-in form. Instead, it depends on the form builder block from other Gutenberg-based plugins such as Kadence Blocks and Otter.

Kadence Blocks allows you to create three types of popups: modal popup, slide-in popup, and floating popup.

3. Bloom

Bloom is a popup builder from Elegant Themes, the developer of Divi Builder. The use of Bloom is pretty similar to Kadence Conversions above whereby it is focused on collecting leads. Bloom supports integrations with nearly all email marketing plugins and services. Such as MailPoet, MailerLite, GetResponse, Active Campaign, and so on.

Although Bloom is created by Elegant Themes, you are not required to use Divi to use the plugin. Bloom works on any WordPress theme. Bloom has its own editor to create the popup instead of relying on Divi Builder. Bloom supports the following trigger types:

Bloom also has the capability as a content locker plugin in case you need it. To track the performance of your popup or content locker, Bloom comes with built-in analytics feature.

4. Divi Supreme

If you use Divi Builder on your WordPress site, then Divi Supreme is a perfect option to create the popup on your website. Divi Supreme is a Divi plugin. In addition to adding extra blocks on your Divi Builder, the plugin also allows you to create a popup. Of course, the popup is created using the visual editor Divi Builder.

Meaning that you can add any element (module) you want. Including a Form module which you can connect with an email marketing service of your choice.

The popup builder feature of Divi Supreme supports the following trigger types:

5. Brizy Pro

Brizy is a page builder plugin just like Elementor and Divi Builder. Its pro version comes with a feature to create a popup. If you already use Brizy on your WordPress site and need to create a popup, you can simply upgrade to Brizy Pro to unlock the popup builder feature.

Since the popup creation is made via Brizy editor, you can add any element to your popup, including the Form element which supports integration with MailerLite, ConverKit, GetResponse, and other email marketing services.

In addition to creating a popup to collect leads, you can also use the popup builder of Brizy Pro to create a cookie consent popup and other popup types thanks to the following trigger types:

You can also set display conditions to set the locations of a popup.

6. JetPopup

JetPopup is another solution to create a popup with Elementor other than Elementor Pro. It is a plugin from Crocoblock designed specifically to create a popup with Elementor. JetPopup also supports a wide range of trigger types just like the native popup builder of Elementor Pro. Here are the trigger types you can set in JetPopup:

The downside of JetPopup is that it supports only Mailchimp as the email marketing service integration.

7. Convert Plus

Convert Plus is another great popup builder plugin if your intention is to collect leads. The plugin supports integration with nearly all prominent email marketing plugins and services. To allow you to monitor the performance of the plugins you have created, Convert Plus offer built-in analytics feature.

Conver Plus comes with a popup builder with a drag and drop functionality to make it easy for you to design the popup — as well as the form. Convert Plus supports the following trigger types:


Popup is widely used by marketers to collect leads. If you have a WordPress-based website, you can install a plugin to create a popup. The plugins we mentioned above are the top options to create popups on WordPress.

While you can use the plugins above to create a popup to create leads, you might want to create other popup types as well. The trigger types offered by a plugin is the thing you need to notice before you pick a popup builder plugin as it determines the popup types you can create. If you just need to create popup to collect leads, you can consider a popup builder plugin that offers built-in analytics feature.