4 WooCommerce Alternatives to Sell Digital Products in WordPress

By: Aliko Sunawang
Feb 13, 2024

Despite all the advantages that WooCommerce offers, you might prefer to use a WooCommerce alternative instead. Especially if you want to sell digital products like PDF, template, and so on. There are indeed some WooCommerce alternatives that offer simpler setup.

Elementor Pro, in case you use it, even allows you to sell a digital product without installing an extra add-on — with minimum payment setup.

In case you are looking for a WooCommerce alternative to sell digital products, here are some recommendations you can try.

1. Elementor Pro

You read it right. Elementor allows you to sell digital products. If you use the pro version, there are two widgets you can unlock to do so: the PayPal Button widget and the Stripe Button widget. PayPal, as you know, is the most popular payment service accepted globally. While Stripe is a payment gateway service widely used by SaaS businesses. With these widgets, you can sell digital products directly from an Elementor page.

There are two options you can choose to sell digital products with Elementor using these widgets. If you have only a single product, you can create a dedicated landing page. If you have multiple products, you can create a custom post type using a plugin like ACF to JetEngine and then use the Elementor Theme Builder feature to create a custom template for the custom post type you created.

Both the PayPal Button widget and the Stripe Button widget support redirection feature to allow you to redirect users to a certain page — landing page for instance — after completing a payment.

2. Simple Payment Module for Divi

Same as Elementor, you can also sell your digital product using Divi. However, you need to install a plugin first as Divi has no native module to accept payment like Elementor. A plugin you can install is Simple Payment Module for Divi, which is developed by WP Zone. After installing the plugin, you will have a new module called Payment Module on your Divi Builder editor. The plugin itself also allows you to accept payment via either PayPal or Stripe. Redirection feature is also available to allow you to redirect visitors to a certain page after they make the payment.

The redirection feature of the plugin supports dynamic link. Meaning you can also use the plugin to sell multiple products by creating a custom post type as well as the custom template using Divi Theme Builder feature.

Simple Payment Module for Divi itself is released as a freemium plugin. Meaning you can try it first before upgrading to the pro version.

3. SureCart

SureCart is one of the best WooCommerce alternatives if you want to create a full-featured e-commerce website with WordPress. The plugin adds an e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website just like WooCommerce. It has components like cart page, checkout page, shop page, user account page, and so on. SureCart comes with backend feature (dashboard) whereby you can manage products, monitor the orders, and so on.

Same as WooCommerce, SureCart can also be used to sell both digital and physical product.

SureCart supports integration with Gutenberg. It comes with several Gutenberg blocks like Checkout Form, Buy Button, Add To Cart Button, Order Confirmation, and so on. Regarding payment, SureCart supports PayPal and Stripe. If you sell physical product, you can also accept cash on delivery payment with SureCart.

4. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress designed specifically to sell digital products. Many WordPress developers use this plugin to sell the premium version of the plugins they develop. For regular users, Easy Digital Downloads can be used to sell digital products like e-books, images, templates, and so on. Easy Digital Downloads also comes with components like cart page, checkout page, and so on just like SureCart and WooCommerce.

The backend feature of Easy Digital Downloads allows you to do such things as managing products, monitoring the orders, and so on. You can integrate Easy Digital Downloads with a number of payment services like PayPal, Stripe, and so on. Furthermore, the plugin also supports integration with Gutenberg by providing a set of blocks just like SureCart.


WooCommerce is a plugin designed to add an e-commerce functionality to WordPress. With the plugin, you can sell products on your website. Be it digital products or physical products. For the first product type, there are several alternatives you can use as well. If you are an Elementor user, you can utilize the PayPal Button widget and Stripe Button widget to sell digital products without requiring your users to create an account. The same thing can also be done in Divi using the Simple Payment Module for Divi plugin.

If you prefer to create a full-featured e-commerce system instead, SureCart and Easy Digital Downloads are great to replace WooCommerce. These plugins come with a backend feature to allow you to further manage your online store.